[ Topological Space in Between ]

Exhibition & Sound Performance

We think about our position in this age represented by technology, with questions about what we feels and what interface is going to be between the illusions of this age. The rhythm of harmonic vibration caused by the specific distribution of the two sinusoidal signals creates lines, graphs, and sounds that are constantly connected, which is nothing more than a Buddhism ‘Yeon-gi 緣起’ theory. (Arising from causation, dependent arising or origination: Nothing in the whole phenomenal world exists independently of causal factors.) Visual and sound generated by mathematical calculations, ‘Banyasimgyeong 般若心經’, ‘Hwaeomgyeong 華嚴經’ representing ‘Yeon-gi 緣起’ theory in buddhism.

Exhibition & Sound Performance

27 September 2018 ~ 3 October 2016

Music / Sound by Gyuchul Moon
Visuals / Text Sunjeong Hwang

@Muak Police Office, Seoul, Kr

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