[ Spatial Roate Oscillator ]

Sound Installation

Contemporary technology and the transition of technological paradigms have changed how people see, hear, and feel. Electrical signals and their electromagnetic fields cannot be easily detected but directly affect the surrounding environment. The advancement of technology, together with environmental changes, presents endless questions for our sensory system.

Noise contains information for all frequencies. The Spatial Rotate Oscillator is a circuit-based electromagnetic microphone that picks up the sounds of electromagnetic fields produced by the circuit. This is combined with mechanical motion to create the motion of other sounds, and the formation of moldable sound is proposed. The work examines the shape of sound through motion-generated noise and physical motion and the possibilities of changing organic space.

Artience Daejeon @Art space Daejeon

Collaborate and Research with

Dr. Wan-Ho Cho (Head of Acoustics, Ultrasound, Vibration Metrology GroupDivision of Physical Metrology)
KRISS (Korea Research Institute of Standard and Science)

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