[ Organotopia ]

Audiovisual Works

Exhibition / Audiovisual Performance

<Organotpia>is an audiovisual live performance in which sound, music and visuals are generated and performed in real time, and a media installation. As a work, that raises questions about the world in which nature and humans are becoming profoundly intertwined in the time and space we live in, it expresses an <Organotopia> where fixed temporality has vanished. In this work the light and sound, swimming and mingling throughout the performance, leaving traces of time and depicting a landscape with humans-city-nature and immaterial-virtual-real, and ‘time-space’, inside and beyond coexisting 

In the audiovisual performance <Organotpia>, The artist implements a constantly changing digital image by using the ‘point cloud’ data of cultural properties supported by the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea and the three-dimensional point reconstruction of images of landscape and forests taken directly, The performance consists of seven pieces of music produced by the artists.

@Paradise Art Lab, Incheon, KR

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