Gyuchul Moon
( Qfemond )

문규철 / 文奎喆



[2020] New Order of Parallex, NOOP
[2019] Future Planet
[2019] Perpetual motion : Solo Exhibition
[2019] Continuous Colon :
[2019] Music Performance with AI Objects
[2019] SceneryPlot3
[2018] Scenery Plot
[2018] Topological Space in Between
[2016] Genes



  Push hard boundaries
    of Modern Generative Arts :

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    Post-Hyper Salon :

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Sound / Audiovisual / Multi-disciplinary Media artist
based in Seoul, Korea


2007~2015 School of Electical and Electronics Engineering.
College of ICT Engineering, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, KR


2021 Beyond the City Lights (Sound Works), Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, KR
2021 Continuous Flow, Kote, Seoul, KR
2021 Pebbles to Clouds, Solo Exhibition, Art Space Boan, Seoul, KR
2021 The Women with Headless Bodies and a Hundred Heads, N/A Gallery, Seoul, KR
2020 Walkland, Seoullo7017, Seoul, KR
2020 Creative Code. Art center Nabi, Seoul, KR
2019 Perpetual Motion : Solo Exhibition. Punto Blu, Seoul, KR
2018 - 2019 Ap Photo Exhibition. Sejong Center, Seoul, KR
2018 Hyper-Communication. Laumt, Seoul, KR
2018 SEEDS. Muak Police Office, Seoul, KR
2018 Mark : The Presence. Muak Police Office, Seoul, KR
2017 The Excretion. Laumt, Seoul, KR
2016 YCK2016. Ara Art Center, Seoul, KR


2021 live performance (Virtual Live), Boston, US
2021 Syn.apts, SAPY, Seoul, KR
2021 Geometric Study, Sejong Performing Art center, Seoul, KR
2021 Pebbles to Clouds_Mod, Art Space Boan, Seoul, KR
2020 MUTEK Festival, JP / MX
2020 or bit Orbit, Seoullo7017, Seoul, KR
2020 PRECTXE Festival, B39, Bucheon, KR
2020 PRECTXE Showcase vol. 2, B39, Bucheon, KR
2019 Creative Code. Art center Nabi, Seoul, KR
2019 Perpetual Motion, Punto Blu, Seoul, KR
2019 WeSA 2019, Platform L, Seoul, KR
2019 Seoul Fringe Festival, Culturetank, Seoul, KR
2019 SXSW(South by southwest) Music x AI, Austin, US
2018 Imagine Eugene Project. Eugene Mansion, Seoul, KR
2018 The Uprising. Laumt, Seoul, KR
2018 Contents Tech Lab. Kocca, Seoul, KR

Grant & Award

2019 - 2020 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, KR
2017 Korean Artist Welfare Foundation. Seoul, KR
2017 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. Seoul, KR


2020 EMS Elektronmusicstudion, Stockholm, SE (postponed to 2021, because of Covid-19)


2020 <Hybridity>, Apple music , Spotify and more