[ Music Performance with AI Objects ]

Audiovisual Performance

How can sound be combined with technical elements to expand the possibilities? In 2019 SXSW, We presented performances using elements of artificial intelligence. I tried to explore the possibility with Zambinai who is conducting various musical attempts. Based on classical Korean musical instruments

We have developed a camera that recognizes human body movement based on pre-learned images, and developed a system that can be used in various performance environments with audio reactive system and boid simulation implemented in programming that has been used previously.

I wanted to find a new direction for the use of artificial intelligence in the field of art with a strong real-time factor, especially performing art

Gyuchul Moon (Qfemond) x Scenes feat. Zambinai

Music Performance in SXSW2019

12 March 2019 ~ 13 March 2019

Author Gyuchul Moon, Scenes

@SXSW2019, Austin, TX

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