[ Genes ]

“By 2100, more than half of the 7,000-plus languages spoken on Earth—many of them not yet recorded—may disappear. When the last speaker of a language dies, the world loses a wealth of information about history, culture, the natural environment, and the human brain.” — David Harrison

Each word in the string is selected from within the genetic pool and is generated based on the underlying genetic elements (persistence, variation, transformation). The previously generated words are influenced by genetic factors and affect the generation of the next word. The ultimate result of evolution is the word ‘Mother Tongue’, which visualizes the process of variation. The visuals of the genealogy symbolize the irreplaceable traits and prototypes of cultures with different languages.

Laumt Project

9 May 2018 ~ 16 May 2018

Author Gyuchul Moon

@Laumt, Seoul, Kr

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